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What is an Essay?

The word “Essay” was first coined by a Frenchman ‘Michel de Montaigne’ who used to pour his thoughts into writing calling it an essay. An Essay is the same as any narrative writing except it is more concise and generally supports a thesis or dissertation. The various types of essays are listed below:

  • Narrative:
  • It depicts a story and tells the reader about a set of characters and the events that happen with them.

  • Descriptive:
  • As the name suggests they give a detailed description of an object, scenery, event or a past incidence.

  • Expository:
  • Here the writer details a research or study that they have conducted. This is factual writing and does not contain the writer’s opinions.

  • Persuasive:
  • These are argumentative essays, here facts and opinions of the writer are carefully articulated in order to ensure the reader can agree to their views
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    Common errors you might make in essay writing?

  • Using many arguments in one essay:
  • We are told to support our opinion with facts and evidence. So sometimes we try to fit in as much knowledge as we have into one article without understanding that the reader might not find it interesting or may be unable to retain the facts provided by us. In a basic persuasive essay 3 to 5 arguments are enough to support the opinion.
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  • Plagiarism:
  • This is treated as a criminal offence in academics. Using someone else’s work is considered unethical and comes under the definition of Plagiarism. Similarly, paraphrasing ‘restating the essence of a content in different words. This also comes under the umbrella of plagiarism. Our panel of expert essay writers are able to write totally original essays based on the topics you provide.

  • Inadequate introduction/body/conclusion:
  • It is essential that the introduction paragraph is able to attract the reader to the essay and at the same time provide a hint of what the essay is about. In addition to this, Body of the paragraph should contain all the facts or the climax of the story. Lastly, a Conclusion, should be able to summarize the jest off the entire essay. These words seem fairly easy, however students are unable to write quality essays that can gain marks. Our quality essays are top notch and are revised as many times as required.

  • Paragraphs do not flow together:
  • Paragraphs in an essay all have different roles and messages being conveyed. To change a paragraph, we should be able to transition our topic from one to another as being discussed in the next paragraph, creating a flow for the reader. Writers often overlook this and their work ends up being a jumbled up mess of ideas.
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